Sweet Leaf Tea Lemonade Wins NASFT Award for Outstanding Cold Beverage


AUSTIN (July 27, 2007) – Sweet Leaf Tea, a Texas-born and brewed bottled tea company and one of the nation’s leading all natural tea brands, launched its own organic lemonade line in Spring 2007.

After a successful launch, its Organic Original Lemonade received the Silver Softi award in the Outstanding Cold Beverage category at the 2007 National Association of Specialty Foods Trade (NASFT) Fancy Food Show.
The “lemonade stand” line features three, fresh-squeezed, granny-inspired flavors, including Organic Original Lemonade, Organic Peach Lemonade and Organic Cherry Limeade, all available in keepsake, 16-ounce, glass mason jars. Each bottle of freshly-made lemonade features real, organic lemon and lime juice, not made from concentrates.
“My grandmother, Mimi, used to make freshly-squeezed lemonade in the summertime and she’d frequently serve it in recycled Mason jars,” said Clayton Christopher, founder of Sweet Leaf Tea. “So, packaging our lemonades in Mason jars just seemed like a natural fit.”
The lemonade line is the first departure Sweet Leaf has made from its industry-leading line of all-natural iced teas, which includes 10 flavors: Organic Original Sweet Tea, Organic Mint and Honey Green Tea, Diet Mint and Honey Green Tea, Organic Peach Sweet Tea, Diet Peach Tea, Diet Original Tea, Unsweet Lemon Lime Tea, Raspberry Sweet Tea, Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea and Organic Half and Half Lemonade Tea. 

About Sweet Leaf Tea:

Sweet Leaf Tea is one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in the U.S. Founded in 1998, Clayton Christopher used his grandmother’s tried-and-true iced-tea recipe to brew the original batches of Sweet Leaf Tea in pillowcases, using crawfish pots as brew tanks. Sweet Leaf Tea is all-natural, made with real cane sugar and is offered in 10 traditional iced-tea flavors and three lemonade flavors.