My family’s original tea recipe just for you.

Organic from day one... Sweet but not too sweet, y’all best believe!

Organic Sweet Leaf Tea! We wouldn't make it any other way!

Our hearts have been in it 20+ years! Times change but the love in each bottle don’t! We use ingredients you can pronounce like real cane sugar! We reckon it’s not the way of most, but it sure as heck is the way we’re gonna keep doin’ it!
LOVE, Mimi

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Special places brew special flavor.

Born in Austin in Mimi’s kitchen, our original recipe of organic sweet tea still has that flavor only found ‘round here.

Our Story

Our famous organic tea recipes for y’all and all y’alls taste.

Made from simple ingredients and a whole lotta love. Original Sweet Teas, Semisweet Teas and Unsweet Teas in different flavors to enjoy.

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Pick Your Sweet!
Flavor Caloriesper serving Sugarin grams(g)
Sweet 80 – 55 14g – 19g
Semisweet 45 10g
Unsweet 5 – 2 0g
Compare Our Sweet
Leading National Ice Tea Brand 160 39g
Leading National Soft Drink Brand 140 – 180 39g – 44g

My Original Teas

  • Our original blend
  • Cut sugar and calories by 25%
  • 50 calories per serving

Semisweet Teas

  • Great taste, less sugar
  • Under 10 grams of sugar
  • 50 calories per serving

Unsweet Teas

  • Refreshing taste, no sugar
  • 5 calories per serving